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Contract Logistics in the GCC From Elite Co.

Acquire Brand Superiority Through Logistics Excellence

As a forerunner among 3PL solutions providers in the GCC, Elite offers seamless integration between your sales and logistics operations by way of brand-promoting dedicated contracts.

Our dedicated contracts are popular with major international companies for which the maintenance of a superlative brand image is paramount.

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While smaller local or regional entities have not traditionally been as brand-conscious as the multinationals, this is changing, as evidenced by the increasing number of home-grown GCC companies on our books.

As your contractual logistics partner, we allocate manpower and/or assets (vehicles, equipment, warehouses) for your company’s sole use, in return for a fixed, monthly fee, regardless of the number of transactions performed.

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What is a Dedicated Contract?

A dedicated contract is a formal agreement between Elite Co. and our client, under which we provide logistics services exclusively for the client, in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed upon and set out in the contract.

Such agreements often serve as a way for companies (our customers) to improve their supply chains by reducing costs, transferring liability, and increasing shipping/transportation capacity.

The Advantages of Contracting with a GCC Logistics Partner

Each country within the GCC takes an individual approach to trade governance, and applies trade rules and regulations nationally. There is no unified regional governance, legislation, or regulation, and that can make it complex and challenging for foreign (or even domestic) companies to do business in the region.

This is why many international companies, in particular, seek out experienced supply chain partners, based in the GCC, to handle all their regional logistics obligations.

At Elite, we go one step further by providing you with a dedicated team that will wear your company uniforms, and logistics assets, such as trucks and vans, emblazoned with your brand livery. Under this arrangement, our manpower and assets operate exclusively in the service of your business.

Your company benefits from access to our comprehensive regional trucking network, along with our expertise as a best-of-breed GCC logistics provider, to manage your outbound supply chain—and reverse logistics too, if required—with all the advantages arising from brand continuity. So your customers’ end-to-end experience is associated solely with your brand, and your team can devote maximum time and energy to your core business activities.

Dedicated Contracts: The Business Benefits

Besides providing you with manpower and assets, our dedicated contracts offer the following add-on benefits to you:

Simplified Human Resources: 

We handle the training of staff, sort out their visa requirements, and pay all their benefits. We also take care of the onboarding/off-boarding processes. This frees up your HR team to focus on staffing and training for your core business.

Flexible Operational Procedures: 

In this model, we can be flexible with custom operational procedures and standards, since only a small subset of our staff needs to adhere to them.

For example, our staff can work on your internal ERP software, or perform quality control processes that might be a global or industry standard for your company, but not normal practice in the GCC.

Safer Data:

With a dedicated team, you can select who will be privy to your customers’ and your company’s data and apply rigorous controls to ensure compliance with data security standards.

Transfer of Liability: 

Under dedicated contract carriage, all shipping and delivery liability transfers to us, sparing you from the headaches of fleet ownership.

Full Visibility:

Our digital customer platform and technical services ensure that you and your customers have full visibility into fulfilment processes.

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Mix and Match: Everything is Possible

Flexibility is our watchword at Elite, and our dedicated contracts are always tailored precisely to the needs of our client. Furthermore, if you’d like a solution that combines a dedicated contract for some services with a transactional arrangement for others, we’ll be pleased to accommodate your needs.

As an illustrative example of how this might work, some of our clients have entered into contracts with us for warehousing services but prefer to engage us on a transactional basis for last-mile delivery.

If you’re not sure what sort of arrangement would work best for your enterprise, we invite you to discuss your business profile and logistics needs with our experts, and we’ll be pleased to advise you on the best approach and develop a customized solution to streamline and simplify your supply chain.

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Warehousing, Freight, and Other Elite Services

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In addition to dedicated contracts, Elite offers a full range of transactional supply chain and logistics services throughout the GCC, including:

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  • LTL freight – Can’t fill a truck? We’ll consolidate your freight Learn more

  • Customs brokerage – Overcome border bottlenecks with Elite Learn more

  • Last-mile delivery – From your stores to your customers’ doors Learn more

  • Warehousing – We’ll hold your inventory in the GCC Learn more

  • Integrated eCommerce Solutions – Total fulfilment, seamless service Learn more

For a quick, at-a-glance overview of all our GCC and international supply chain solutions for local, regional, and global companies, please check out our main services page.

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