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Customs Brokerage Solutions in the GCC

Borders Can be Business Bottlenecks, But We Can Smooth the Flow

As a leading supply chain solutions provider, we specialize in customs brokerage alongside our other logistics services. Our experienced teams are here in the GCC to facilitate the shipment and delivery of your goods across geographical borders, and our customs brokerage services are available both in combination with LTL or FTL shipping, or as a standalone option.

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Trucking in the GCC?

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How Elite Can Give you the Edge

When it comes to customs clearance, you need brokers who know what they are doing. Although the GCC is a single region, its constituent countries each apply different sets of rules and regulations to cross-border trade, and it can be challenging to keep up with the constant updates and amendments.

At Elite Co., we make sure our professionals stay abreast of these ever-shifting customs formalities. We can help your business follow customs procedures to the letter and so avoid bottlenecks at the borders.

Instead of trying to manage customs clearance and stay up to date with all the rules, let us do it for you. We’ll take care of everything so you can focus on your core business processes.

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6 Reasons to Choose Customs Brokerage by Elite

The number one reason to choose Elite is that we have brokerage licenses in the UAE and Oman and work with trusted partners in the other GCC states. Therefore, we’ll provide you with blanket coverage of the entire region with a single contract.

Here are five more reasons why partnering with us for your brokerage needs makes good business sense:


We have highly trained, professional teams


We go the extra mile to ensure your cargo is cleared speedily across borders

Industry Knowledge:

We can help you choose the correct HS codes for your goods


We can clear your goods at seaports, airports, or inland ports.


We have extensive experience at all GCC borders and when there are multiple options we can advise which one best suits your needs.

How to Optimize Clearance Times

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While customs clearance times depend on many factors. Some of them are outside your control, or ours. However, you can reduce the risks of clearance delays by paying close attention to the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the documentation that you submit and by paying duty invoices on time.

Finally, a broker that’s familiar with the formalities, processes, and practicalities of customs control in each of the GCC countries makes a formidable partner, minimizing the likelihood of delays to keep your inventory flowing smoothly into and across the region.

In many cases, customs clearance takes no more than a few hours, but if your documentation is inadequate, you could experience lengthy delays. For this reason, it is imperative that you check and double-check that all required documents have been fully and accurately completed.

What if Customs puts a Hold on my Cargo?

At Elite, we go out of our way to ensure cargo is cleared swiftly and smoothly, but there will always be those times when customs officials find a reason to detain your goods for further inspection.

When this happens we will immediately inform you of the issue—both by email and via an automated alert in our portal.

If we can, we will try to resolve the issues ourselves but if the customs authorities require further information, we will contact you immediately.

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Please check the status of your cargo

Customs officials find a reason to detain your goods for further inspection.


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Why Would Customs Could put a Hold on your Cargo?

Several factors could cause customs authorities to hold a shipment at the border. They include:

In the case of a random inspection, if your documents are present and correct, the inspection should proceed without too much delay, and the hold will be lifted. But in the case of any documentation irregularities, the hold will remain in place until you correct the problem.

To avoid inadvertently shipping prohibited items or contraband, which can result in serious consequences, you should consult with us ahead of time about local regulations and policies relating to the goods you intend to ship.

  • A random inspection

  • The type of goods declared

  • Incomplete documentation

  • Your cargo contains prohibited items and/or contraband

Other Services From Elite Co.

As a long-established GCC logistics provider, Elite offers a range of services, assets, and solutions for business development. We operate an extensive regional trucking network and provide warehousing services in multiple locations across the GCC.

Our comprehensive logistics services encompass the following specializations:

  • Dedicated logistics contracts

Our main services page contains a snapshot of all our supply chain solutions as well as information about documentation and onboarding processes.

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