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Last-Mile Deliveries Your GCC Customers Will Love

Stamp Logistics Excellence as Your Brand Hallmark with Elite

Elite is a GCC logistics provider specializing in last-mile delivery. With a delivery volume of thousands of packages per day, we’ve perfected the art of getting the right parcels into the right hands.

That’s why so many eCommerce and omnichannel enterprises trust us to handle their last-mile deliveries, taking the complexities off their hands so they can focus on sales, service, and business growth.

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We’re a First Choice in the Last-Mile

As a leading provider of supply chain solutions in the GCC, we have long recognized how critical the last mile is to your business and its customers. If you operate in the eCommerce sphere, your GCC logistics provider might be the only face-to-face contact point between you and the consumer.

We understand that our service doesn’t just support your business, it represents it. That’s why we have worked tirelessly to become among the best-in-class in GCC last-mile logistics.

The following are among the factors that differentiate us from some of the other providers you might come across:

We tailor our services to the needs of businesses of any size and scale.

We offer same day, next day, and ‘by appointment’ deliveries. We also execute night-time pick-ups from our clients’ outlets/warehouses, and support a range of specialized services at the point of delivery, including the processing of COD payments, and customer returns.

We offer home delivery of all types of goods. For example, we deliver documents and parcels like a courier, mobile phones and SIM cards, electronics, home appliances, and furniture, including large items such as sofas, beds, and cabinets.

We offer a home delivery and assembly service. You’ll find more details of this service, uniquely offered by Elite, elsewhere on this page.

We have a regional trucking network and our own vehicle and driver fleets in four countrie — UAE, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. Vehicles range from motorbikes and small vans all the way up to large trucks.

Same Day, Next Day, Any Day—The Choice is Yours!

You choose the Elite last-mile delivery service that best suits your needs. Select from the following options, all of which come with the same guaranteed standard of responsive service excellence:

Next-day delivery:

Our standard service. You schedule a collection. We execute the collection on day one, bringing your package(s) to our sorting facility in the evening, from where we dispatch them and get them into your customers’ hands on day two.

Same-day delivery:

A premium service. You schedule a collection in the morning, and we deliver it that very same afternoon.

Delivery by appointment:

Your customer specifies a time window (we typically offer four-hour windows) for next-day delivery. We execute precision scheduling and routing so our driver delivers within the agreed time window.

Cross-border delivery:

We arrange carriage and delivery in your destination country, usually by air express—but we can also ship it by road.

We pick up a package from your customer and bring it back to your facility.

Return service:

Two-way service:

We pick up a package from your customer, transport it to your facility, or any location that you specify, then schedule a return service back to your customer. This service is ideal if you offer your customers a repair or maintenance service for the products they buy from you.

Cash-on-Delivery? Yes, we Do

Although almost non-existent in many parts of the world, cash-on-delivery (COD) remains a popular method of payment for consumer goods delivered in the Gulf region. This despite the fact that it is a high-risk approach due to the need for cash handling and the customers’ prerogative to refuse their goods at the point of delivery—which also means a refusal to pay.

Nevertheless, COD offers undeniable benefits such as flexibility for the customer, and, as it is a norm deeply ingrained into regional consumerism, still counts among the most oft-used payment methods.

In short, then, COD is an option your customers will surely expect you to offer.

Elite supports cash payment as a part of our last-mile delivery service. We will deliver your products and collect payment for the goods, along with our service fee, by cash or credit/debit card at the point of delivery.

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Elite’s Inter-city Service: Dubai-Abu Dhabi

Last mile is usually within the same metropolitan area (e.g., Dubai), but we also provide next-day services between cities within the same country.

Last mile is usually within the same metropolitan area (e.g., Dubai), but we also provide next-day services between cities within the same country.

  • We collect the packages in the evening and transport them to our sorting facility in Dubai.

  • We load the packages bound for Abu Dhabi into a truck early in the morning.

  • The truck brings the packages to our Abu Dhabi sorting facility in time for the morning sorting.

  • Our Abu Dhabi fleet delivers the packages along with the intra-Abu Dhabi packages.

Delivery and Assembly Services

If your customers are daunted by the prospect of following complicated assembly instructions, our specialized delivery/assembly crews will build their items for them at the point of delivery.

This unique service covers purchases such as furniture items, large appliances, camping equipment, and outdoor grills. We also deliver and install white goods such as stoves and washing machines.

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Our assemblers are specially trained, recognized as master assemblers, and have the tools necessary to build/install these items safely and quickly.

Cross-Border Delivery in the GCC

In addition to domestic services in the countries where we operate, we can execute cross-border deliveries to your customers.

Although this is not strictly last-mile work, it’s similar in that we manage the entire delivery process, from collection of the items at your facilities, to delivery at your customers’ doors, including all documentation, border formalities, and customs clearance.

Please note that due to the possibility of customs delays, we do not guarantee same-day or next-day deliver for cross-border shipments.

People Powered - Technology Driven

When we deliver your products, our people are ambassadors for your brand—but we’re also all about supporting you with the technological, as well as the personal, attributes that create a remarkable customer journey.

We’ve developed our last-mile delivery solution to be simplicity itself for you and your customers. 

Features of our digital customer platform and technical services include:

LMD Icon 1.png

Automated printing of airway bills, which you can attach to your packages

LMD Icon 2.png

Elite-branded plastic flyers that you can use for smaller packages

LMD Icon 3.png

Delivery or collection order transfer via API or online web portal

LMD Icon 4.png

Full delivery tracking data available to you via our portal

LMD Icon 5.png

SMS updates for your customers with links to a real-time map for delivery tracking

End-customer package-tracking via our tracking site using your company’s order number, another reference number (e.g., order number) or our airway bill number.

We’re Elite in Every Mile – See More Services!

We’re leaders not just in the last mile, but in every mile. Our service range also includes full truckload (FTL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) freight carriage throughout the GCC.

  • Customs brokerage services

  • Dedicated logistics contracts

  • Fully integrated eCommerce solutions


Click on our main services page for a summary of all our GCC freight and logistics solutions, as well as details of our supply chain services.

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