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13 يونيو 2024

Elite Co. Acquires Freight Brokerage Operations from Award-Winning Truck Transport SaaS, LoadME

Elite Co., a leading supply chain solutions provider with branches across the GCC, is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of LoadME’s freight brokerage operations, a trusted web-based freight exchange service provider for the road transportation industry in the Middle East. This strategic move is set to further enhance the comprehensive and efficient supply chain solutions offered to clients across the region.

LoadME has earned widespread recognition for its innovative technology and unparalleled expertise in optimizing the process of matching shippers with carriers. By leveraging LoadME's operations, Elite Co. aims to drive operational efficiency, and deliver superior service to its customers. The acquisition allows LoadME to focus on their core activity of developing and growing their SaaS platform.

The acquisition of LoadME represents a significant milestone for Elite Co. and solidifies its commitment to staying at the forefront of the logistics industry. LoadME's dedication to providing innovative and technology-driven solutions aligns perfectly with Elite Co.'s commitment to offering cutting-edge supply chain services.

On this occasion, Hisham Albahar, CEO of Elite Co., expressed his excitement about the acquisition, stating, "We are delighted to welcome LoadME into the Elite Co. family. This acquisition is not just about expanding our business, but more importantly, it is about serving LoadME’s valued customers and upholding the service excellence that LoadME has established via their SaaS platform."

LoadME's Founder, Sebastian Stefan, also shared his enthusiasm, commenting, "Our valued customers can expect an even higher level of service as Elite Co. takes the helm, maintaining the service excellence."

Elite Co.'s acquisition of LoadME's freight brokerage operations demonstrates their commitment to continuous growth, innovation, and delivering exceptional value to clients. The integration of these two industry leaders will undoubtedly reinforce Elite Co.'s market position as the go-to supply chain solutions provider in the GCC.

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