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Elite Logistics Services
and Solutions in the GCC

Region-wide Freight, Warehousing, Customs Brokerage, and Delivery Services

At Elite, we’re committed to creating robust, comprehensive solutions for
all your supply chain and logistics needs anywhere in the GCC.

We operate an extensive, in-house truck network throughout the region managed by a system that is fully digitized to enable pinpoint, real-time accuracy in freight and package tracking.

Trucking in the GCC?

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Our advantages

We also own and run modern, automated warehousing facilities to optimize storage, picking, and packing processes, significantly speeding up all transportation and last-mile delivery services—and with customs brokerage services offered in all GCC countries, we help our clients beat border bottlenecks and keep inventory moving fluidly around the region.

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Whether your enterprise or organization is GCC based, or selling into the gulf from abroad, Elite is the common-sense choice when you need a regional one-stop partner for freight shipping, warehousing, last-mile delivery, customs brokerage, eCommerce, and/or contract logistics.

Elite Core Services in the GCC


Full Truckload (FTL) Shipping

With FTL logistics, a truck is loaded solely with one dedicated shipment. As an FTL shipper, you pay for the exclusive use of the truck, which means your goods won’t be sharing space with other freight. You don’t have to fill the entire load space of the vehicle, but it is more cost-effective if you do.

Benefits of FTL freight include:

  • Better freight rates for large goods consignments

  • No weight/size restrictions

  • Faster transit times

  • Minimal handling of your goods

Elite has a fleet of trucks and a team of well-trained drivers, giving you an efficient, streamlined service right across the GCC.


Less than Truckload (LTL) Shipping

LTL freight is the ideal solution for smaller shipments. Goods can range from parcels weighing just a few kilograms to multi-pallet consignments.

This service involves consolidating several separate shipments to make up a full truckload.  The freight is typically arranged on pallets. In LTL shipping, you pay only for the truck-space occupied by your goods.

LTL shipping inevitably takes somewhat longer than FTL due to the extra logistics activities involved, which include consolidation and deconsolidation. However, by using sophisticated shipment management technology, our experts can determine the fastest means of getting your consignment to your customers.


Last-Mile Delivery

When you need a first-class service in last-mile delivery, make Elite your go-to logistics provider. We deliver thousands of packages per day, and tailor our services to the needs of businesses of any size and scale.

We offer the following last-mile delivery solutions:

  • Same day, next day, and by-appointment deliveries

  • Night-time pick-ups from our clients’ fulfilment centers

  • Processing of COD payments and customer returns

  • Home delivery of items ranging from documents and parcels to home appliances and furniture

  • White glove services including assembly of items at the point of delivery


eCommerce Solutions

Elite offers next-level logistics solutions for eCommerce enterprises in the Gulf region, inclusive of warehousing, order fulfilment, shipping, and delivery.

Drawing on our vast experience in logistics management in the GCC, we offer eCommerce solutions for businesses ranging from small online retail outfits to giant multinationals.

For total visibility and control of the fulfilment process, we have developed and deployed hi-tech tools that ensure transparency for you and your customers.

Key system features include:​

  • Real-time shipment tracking via our online customer portal

  • Real-time transfer of delivery or collection orders via API or batch transfers through our portal

  • SMS updates and live package tracking for your customers



Elite Co. has storage and distribution facilities situated strategically all over the GCC and a vast network of transportation assets and personnel, so we can locate your inventory close to your customers for rapid last-mile delivery.

Our warehouses are equipped with advanced digital technology and automation to optimize the speed of all supply chain processes, including receiving, picking, packing, and dispatch.

With facilities in every GCC country, you can trust us as a single partner for all your storage and fulfilment requirements across the region.


Customs Brokerage

We specialize in customs brokerage in the GCC, deploying experienced teams well versed in the myriad of rules and regulations governing cross-border trade.

We can help your business follow customs procedures to the letter and so avoid border delays. Instead of trying to manage customs clearance and stay up to date with all the rules, let us do it for you. We’ll take care of everything so you can focus on your core business processes.

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Contract Logistics

Looking for something more than spot priced transactional freight services? If so, we can enter into a dedicated contract with your company, performing prescribed services for a fixed monthly fee, with your branding on our trucks and your uniforms on our personnel.

Enhance your brand image with a reputation for logistics excellence and a delivery service your customers will adore you for.

Simplify your business operations by outsourcing your outbound supply chain to us, and spare your company from the challenges, and liabilities, of in-house logistics operations.

A Little About KYC at Elite

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To comply with commercial legislation in GCC countries, it’s necessary for us to undertake steps to know our customers. You’ll probably be familiar with KYC processes as they are growing in importance across a range of commercial service environments.

Fortunately, the rules for our industry are not too onerous, so the KYC process merely comprises a credit check for financial approval and the opening of an account with us, and production of the following documents:

  • VAT certificate

  • Trade license

  • Completed account-opening form

Additionally, you will need to provide a specific set of documentation to accompany freight shipped via our FTL and LTL services. Each consignment must be accompanied by some or all of the following documents, depending on the products you are shipping:

  • Commercial invoice

  • Packing list

  • Delivery advice

  • Certificate of Origin

  • Conformity certificate

  • Permissions and approvals

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There’s Only One GCC, and Only One Elite

At Elite, we are GCC logistics providers through and through. We know logistics, and we know this region, making us the logical choice of partner for any company needing supply chain solutions in the Middle East.

The services outlined on this page are available in the following countries, and you can find more specific information for each on our corresponding location pages:

Whether you seek logistics services specifically in one or more of the countries listed here, or need the full coverage offered by our extensive regional trucking network and warehouse assets, our GCC supply chain specialists are waiting to hear from you, and only too willing to help.

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