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Warehousing Services Throughout the GCC from Elite Co.

Place Your Inventory Closer to Your Customers in the Gulf Region

With storage and distribution facilities right across the GCC, Elite Co. can locate your inventory strategically using our network of transportation and portfolio of warehouse services.

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We’ve equipped our warehouses with the most up-to-date and advanced digital technology and automation to optimize receiving, put-away, picking, packing, and dispatch processes for maximum speed and efficiency.

Select from a broad spectrum of solutions to streamline your entire supply chain operation—from core processes like storage and dispatch to value-adding activities such as packaging and kitting.

Trucking in the GCC?

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A GCC Warehousing Partner You can Trust

There are good reasons to outsource your GCC warehousing requirements to a 3PL company. It’s a valid strategy to consider if any of the following applies to your enterprise:

  • Your turnover in the GCC does not warrant the cost of leasing and running warehouses here.

  • You do not have the resources to deal with distribution challenges.

  • You prefer to focus on your core business and grow sales instead of dabbling in the complexities of distribution.

Because Elite has facilities in every GCC country, you can trust us as a single partner for all your distribution requirements across the region—And we don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Our strategy is to understand your business and tailor our services to suit your specific storage and distribution needs.

Example Warehousing Solution: Ocean Freight

This hub & spoke solution is typically chosen by companies exporting to the GCC using ocean freight shipping. Here’s how it might work for your business:


You ship your ocean freight into our warehouse and distribution facility in the Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA). This facility serves as your distribution hub.


We distribute your inventory as bonded road freight to our warehouses—your spokes—outside of the free zone, both across the UAE and into other countries in the GCC.


Your customers’ orders are fulfilled from the spoke facilities, from where we can even execute last-mile deliveries for you if you’d like to keep all your GCC regional logistics under the auspices of a single partner.

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It should be noted that, in Dubai, you will most likely need a separate warehouse outside of the JAFZA free zone if you want to offer a full end-to-end service to your customers. Elite can, of course, provide this facility for you too. We can also provide this solution from other GCC free zones, although JAFZA is the one chosen most often by our customers.

Example Warehousing Solution: Point-to-Point for Air Freight

This point-to-point arrangement works as follows:

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You import air freight into a GCC country.

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We clear it through customs and transport it to one of our warehouses in your chosen country.

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You operate your last-mile delivery processes from our warehouse, or let us take care of them for you.

You can also leverage airport free zones such as JAFZA to store your goods before importing and paying duties on them.

Why Choose Elite as a Warehousing Partner?

As a leading logistics provider in the GCC, we know from experience that the supply chain needs of our customers vary enormously.

That’s why we provide a vast range of warehouse and inventory management services, with features that support your business across the full logistics spectrum, from geo-specific expertise, through environmental and safety controls, to legal and regulatory compliance.

Here are just a few of the attributes we bring to bear in facilitating business success through supply chain excellence in the Gulf Region.

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Importer of Record: If you don’t have a legal entity in the GCC, you will need to find an Importer of Record (IOR) to take ownership of your freight and clear it through customs. Elite can provide this service to you, effectively running your warehousing infrastructure without you ever having to register a legal presence in the GCC.

Temperature Control: Elite has both ambient and cold storage facilities available to suit the temperature needs of your goods. We also have temperature-controlled vehicles for transporting heat-sensitive goods. You can provide your own temperature sensors for use during the tracking process, or we can supply the devices.

Local Knowledge: The rules for the storage of various classifications of goods differ from country to country in the GCC, presenting a complex minefield for the uninitiated. Our professionals have a thorough knowledge of all these rules and keep close track of changes and updates. You can rely on our advice for developing optimum distribution strategies in the countries where you operate.

Downstream Services: We can provide you with all downstream supply chain services, affording you the convenience of working solely with one vendor across the GCC.

Cost-cutting Potential: You can leverage the scale of our assets and the geographical breadth of our network to lower your costs while improving your service levels.

Full Visibility: Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) is embedded in our supply chain ERP, so your visibility into all services that you use—from freight movements to customs clearance, storage and last-mile delivery—is assured. We’ve also digitized our entire regional trucking network, enabling pinpoint, real-time accuracy in freight tracking.

Our Track Record in GCC Warehousing

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In any supply chain operation, warehouses are essential network components to ensure the efficient flow of goods from supplier to end user.

Good warehousing management optimizes distribution and ensures timely delivery, leading to greater customer satisfaction. Our teams have been thoroughly trained in all aspects of the industry, earning a reputation for their efficiency, speed, and accuracy.

Our professionalism has not gone unnoticed—we have forged a multitude of full-region and multi-country warehousing agreements with high-profile international firms.

The Only Supply Chain Solutions Partner You Need in the GCC

As to be expected of a GCC logistics provider, Elite offers a broad range of other assets, services, and products beyond our specialized warehousing solutions.

For instance, unlike many transport companies in the region that outsource much of their operation, our fleet of trucks and drivers forms an extensive regional trucking network under our direct control.

We have the resources, scale, and flexibility to support your business fully with the following services:

  • Customs brokerage services

  • Dedicated logistics contracts

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Please visit our main services page for an overview of all our local and global supply chain solutions.

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